Doc received his first camera in 1976.

At the age of 14 he learned to take pictures underwater, scuba diving in Europe with his father. As he spent an impressive amount of time diving throughout his teen years, this is where he first developed his love of capturing the world around him. He explored his creativity by composing slideshows of his early work featuring the universe under the sea.

While in high school, Doc became a photographer for his school newspaper. His involvement with the newspaper led to his earliest published works. Doc also joined a special interest group at this time leading him to develop his skills and interest- including darkroom procedures.

While Doc bought his first digital camera in 2002, he still uses film cameras on occasion. He has learned and strongly believes that technique and lighting mean more than an expensive camera or lens. Owning a camera does not make one a photographer- it is a talent and most importantly a passion to capture the world around us.

Professional Credits/Publications:

- Anhenn Diamond Tools / Germany
- Regional Newspapers / Germany
- Vollton & Licht (Stage Productions) / Germany
- CD-cover for award winning band "Fairytale" / Germany
- Club "Ars Vivente" / Germany
- Model Headshots/Portfolio work / Europe/USA